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Argentina - Primera División
We have a duel of two teams that live different moments in the competition, the mandants wanting to lean in the first positions in the table, already the visitors need the victory to move away from the sticking zone, so we believe in an open game that the house factor can be decisive for a victory of the Arsenal of Sarandí.

Australia - A-League
Although a relatively balanced match is envisaged between these two teams, playing at home Brisbane Roar should be able to perform a performance that will allow it to get closer to victory. The team has had an uneven performance between games home and away and it must be a response to the rout suffered in the last round. Faced with a Western United that has already shown quality, but will tend to have a fickle performance, Fowler's team is expected to have more and the best goal opportunities in the course of the challenge.

Portugal - Segunda Liga
The most likely scenario will be for the Academic to win the three points. Playing at home before its supporters, the Académico should assume the initiative of the match and have the best goal opportunities, against a team that has been apathetic away from home, where in six matches played in that record, it added six losses, with an average of 2.5 goals conceded per match. On the other hand, Cova da Piedade is in the last position of the championship, so they will enter focused on winning “at least” one point, so one guesses a cautious entry, playing with a low block, postponing to the maximum the first goal of the locals and trying through the counterattacks to reach the opposing goal and finish in goal the created moves. Having said that and taking into account these details, betting on the victory of the locals is a valuable option.

Poland - Ekstraklasa
We have a duel of two teams looking for better luck in the competition, since the two are in uncomfortable positions at the bottom of the table, it is notorious that both need victory in this match, so we believe we will have a match with some goals opportunities during the 90 minutes.

Portugal - Segunda Liga
The most likely scenario will be, Porto B will bet on the counterattacks to reach the opposing goal and materialize the throws into goal. On the other hand, Chaves is far from the desired area and in this match should assume the initiative of the match and taking into account the quality available in its squad, it is likely to contribute to the party with goals. It should be stressed that the last match between these two teams, a friendly match, ended with the victory of the flavienses by 3-0. Having said that and given the factors presented, betting on “Over 2.5 goals” is a good option for this game.

Turkey - Süper Lig
We have face to face two teams willing to do everything to achieve the positive result in this round, the home team looking for a better place at the top of the table, while the visitors a victory is crucial to leave the sticking area, as we believe in an open game that should favor the home team.

Germany - 2. Bundesliga
Bochum needs to add points from now on, so it can find a better place within the competition, so at home the team should go up. Visitors know that this will not be an easy game and want at least a draw away from their domains. We wait for the home team going up and on the other hand the visitors trying to find spaces to counterattack. Our bet suggestion will be that there will occur more than 2.5 goals in the match.

Germany - 2. Bundesliga
The goal of Erzgebirge Aue is to approach the qualifying zone, so next to their supporters it is essential that they add as many points as they can. The away team is fighting for the same goal, so they want to surprise the home team. The trend is that we have a busy game with great chances of goals, so we will bet that there will be more than 2.5 goals in the match.

Portugal - Segunda Liga
We are facing two teams that are going through different moments in the competition. Benfica B has felt many difficulties in presenting a consistent football, producing clearly the various processes of the match, in addition, defensively the reds have shown some insecurity when they act against creative squads, as the case of the opponent of this match. It should also be noted that, in the last four matches, Benfica has suffered at least one goal in all matches. On the other side, there is a team that knows how to command the various actions of the match and defensively has been unbeatable in the last three games, where they won and did not suffer. Given the style of play of both teams, it is expected a game far from the goals, with the two teams interested in not suffering goals. Taking into account the various options on the market, the “Less than 2.5 goals” seems to be the most valuable option for this match.

Romania - Liga I
The Dinamo Bucuresti team wants to add up the three points, in order to continue behind their goal, which is to enter the qualifying zone. Visitors want to surprise and score points, but they know the difficulties they will face. We see the home owners as favorites, as they will count on the support of their fans, so we will bet on the victory of Dinamo Bucuresti until the end of the 90 minutes.