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A brief notion about range adaptation

Daniel Dornelles made a short educational article for the Academy. Be sure to read!

Bankroll management

To become a great poker player it is important to establish appropriate principles for your bankroll management.

Some differences between Online and Live Poker

Online and Live Poker differ a lot from each other, know a little more about it.

Bad beat in Poker

Learn how to deal with a bad beat in poker, one of the reasons that many poker players lose a large amount of their bankroll.

Learning how to calculate pot odds

In this article, we will learn, in a simple and practical way, how to calculate pot odds.

7 Tips to evolve in Poker

We have listed some tips for you to improve your game and seek an evolution, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced player.

Poker terms - dictionary of game words

For those who dream of becoming a poker professional it is important to be familiar with the vocabulary used by the players.

Discover the Six Main Poker Variants

Poker is growing more and more on the international scene, get to know some variants of this sport that has been winning the hearts of players.

Interview with Pedro Brum, specialist in Omaha variant

"I think that before venturing into big tournaments, it is necessary to study the game a lot, practice, develop a solid way of playing".

Dan Bilzerian: the playboy of poker

Considered the king of instagram, the north american lives a life envied by some and criticized by others.

Get to know Dan Bilzerian's “king's life”.