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UFC Vegas 44: Font vs. Aldo

Complete card, information and betting tips from UFC Vegas 44.

Best Bets for Friday 03/12/21

Keep track of the best bets for Friday 03/12/21!

What are Units and how to use them in sports betting?

The units are part of a sports betting management plan.

Best Bets for Thursday 02/12/21

Keep track of the best bets for Thursday 02/12/21!

How to use Cash Out in sports betting?

The use of Cash Out is very important in players' lives.

Best Bets for Tuesday 30/11/21

Keep track of the best bets for Tuesday 30/11/21!

The Importance of Emotional Control in Sports Betting

Keeping your mental balance is fundamental in betting, especially in reds.

Best Bets for Monday 29/11/21

Track the best bets for Monday 29/11/21!

Football – Weekend Round Summary #58

Weekend round summary with the best betting tips.

Best Bets for Saturday 27/11/21

Follow the best bets for Saturday 27/11/21!
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1 Antonio Valente 20€ 1,622%
2 Rajey O Rapper 17,5€ 1,084%
ST Bisonte 994%
ST CMSsilva 741%
3 evertonquel 15€ 639%
ST ZaraGolha 579%
4 FABIObl 12,5€ 492%
ST Mario Torrado 470%
5 Gildemberg 10€ 459%
6 lennon25 10€ 436%
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