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What are Units and how to use them in sports betting?

What are Units and how to use them in sports betting?
The units are part of a sports betting management plan.
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For those just starting out in the world of betting, some terms are quite unknown, and perhaps this is the case with “units”. This word has an important meaning in the whole process, as it is about the bettor's bankroll management. Nobody goes far in betting without having a mental and financial control over their choices, so we'll explain what it represents and how to use it in a bet.

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As we read articles and search for websites or profiles on the internet that offer betting tips, the word unit will always be there, in addition to the match price. Many players focus only on what interests them, which is knowing who to bet on and the value of the odd, but few give relevance to implementing management in their bet.

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That way, whenever we talk about units, we are pointing out how much of our bankroll we should put in that bet. This amount varies from account to account as you can have $500 or $2000 on a betting site. This helps to control our money, without committing great follies or betting without any logic.
One of the first steps is to divide the value of our account into units, as this will make it easier when betting, as well as when evaluating our profits and losses. There is no rule for this, but every community of bettors maintains a pattern, and in this case it is no different. This division of our bankroll into units is usually between 50 and 200 units.
If we take an amount of $1000 and divide it into 50 units, it means that each unit represents $20. Now, if our choice is to be safer, without risking so much, we can divide it into 200 units, which would represent $5 in cash.
Another way is to give a percentage value to our units, where each unit can vary between 0.5% and 1%. This means that if we have $1000 in an account, 0.5% will represent $5, and 1% will have the weight of $10.
As you will have profits and losses with betting, each day your bankroll will have value variations, that's why we put this weight of units to facilitate, and, at the same time, maintain a management control.
As a practical example, it is common for sites that provide game tips of the day to advertise in this way:
- Napoli x Atalanta
- Over 2.5
- Odd 1.73
- 2 units
This is almost a pattern in the tips, and if we look up betting articles, we'll find plenty of quotes about profitability measured over units at the end of the month, or within the range the player chooses.
If 1 unit currently represents $20 in your bankroll, in the example above it is suggested that you bet $40 (2 units). If you put 1% weight on each unit, then you will bet 2% of your bankroll on this game. Values ​​vary, as you can have either $500 or $2000 available on the site.
This is one of the senses of dividing into units, as $100 can be very heavy for a player who only has $500 in his account, but not so much for a player who has $20,000 in their bankroll. By pasting a measure, it is easy for each one to work within their own financial conditions and ambitions.
Furthermore, even though it has been mentioned throughout the text, it is good to remember: maintaining bankroll management is extremely important. Working within this planned way will make it easier to deal with the losses of times of difficulty. Therefore, it makes no sense to bet $300 on one game and $40 on another. It will be smart to place units, even in matches where you have the most confidence. Pay attention, it is always advisable to bet between 1 and 5 units only.

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