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The Advantages of Keeping Your Betting History

The Advantages of Keeping Your Betting History
Keeping track of your bets will go a long way towards minimizing mistakes and increasing your profit.
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Becoming consistent and profitable in sports betting is not an easy task and for that we have to be very applied in several aspects. It is not enough just to have a good knowledge of a sport or modality, but to understand how things work in this segment, minimizing mistakes and maximizing your long-term victories. One of those ways is to keep track of all your betting moves, and in this article we'll explain this in more detail.

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Every big professional bettor has a database, containing information on all his entries and the consequences of that. This helps us find patterns and do a more qualitative analysis of where our gains and losses are coming from. Betting for betting is not right, much less without any logic, varying markets, types of modalities, etc, without a plausible explanation.

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If you stop to analyze, this is just an extension of what we usually do in the day to day of our lives, where we write down our bills, check statements, analyze our costs, etc. By doing this in betting, you'll have a pretty clear sense of where you're winning odds, and you can focus on that and increase your money. The same goes for the losses, being able to learn and evolve or exclude once that style of betting.
The idea is to compare the types of markets you bet on, analyze which average odds you have the biggest wins, see the methods applied, check if it's easier to bet pre-live or live, etc. As much as you have a great memory, it's impossible to have an exact idea of ​​where money is coming in and going out of your account, much less in percentage terms, which is very important when it comes to betting.
Thinking ahead, this can bring profits, as to work as a tipster, and/or provide services to investors or unions, you will need to prove your entire operation, indicating that you have a vocation to operate in this sector. However, our idea here is to focus on its beginning and development, even if it is to earn little if you have no big pretensions at this time. That's how everyone starts, but few can achieve success and have consistent gains, as they do not have the slightest knowledge of issues that are important to apply in bets.

And how to do this?

Good old-fashioned pen and paper is always at our disposal, and a little notebook would be enough if there was no other options. But today we are living in an increasingly technological world, and in the palm of our hand it is possible to find spreadsheets and tables on betting management, just do a brief search.
Spreadsheets in programs like Excel are still the most common. There are some specific spreadsheet templates to make these records, but nothing prevents you from creating your own table, recording in the way you think is most appropriate. We suggest that you at least look at some models available, so that you can get a good idea of ​​what to do with it.
You can go even further, as there are already specific programs on betting management and control. In addition to keeping all your records, it is also possible to extract reports and graphs through your notes, market analysis and other interesting features. It is important to check if this service is free or has a cost, as there are several models available out there.
Regardless of the way it is, the important thing is that you finish reading this article convinced that keeping a control and annotation of everything you are doing is important indeed. The types of bets, the markets, the odds applied, the methods used, the competition, the modality, the units and values ​​bet, etc. That's why we recommend taking a look at the existing models and delving further into the subject. We are sure that this will help you a lot in your journey as a bettor.

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