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How to use the closing line in sports betting

How to use the closing line in sports betting
Knowing how to analyze the closing line allows you to make interesting betting gains.
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A pertinent question in the life of a bettor is knowing how to differentiate luck from technical capacity in a successful bet. In specific cases, even if your reading was not the correct one, "supernatural" things happen or a divine help so that your guess ends in green. But to have progress and success it will be necessary to have skills and good reading, and this is where we will discuss the closing line. This is one of the basic principles to know if you have the capacity to evaluate the value of a bet, as this technique can contribute a lot to your long-term wins.

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One of the wrong thoughts that many players have is to simplify betting on the final result. The right thing to have a consistent and profitable career is to find value in the market, to know which direction the line of that event will take, so that you can win it. Thus, the closing lines are those values ​​that the market is paying when the game starts. It reveals in values ​​all the feeling and information seconds before the event.

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It is through it that you analyze that deregulated market, with an odd in which you find value. You draw an odd of 1.80 to work, find an event worth 1.95 pre-live and decide to take advantage. On the closing line, that is, when the match starts, this odd is around 1.70. At that moment, you won the closing line, knew how to have a valuable reading and earnings.
One of the goals of finding the closing line is for you to know your performance and become a profitable bettor. For this efficiency to be applied, it is necessary to know how to absorb all the information and updates of that game, as the lines can move in the face of these facts. In addition, the moment you acquire this information, you will need to know whether the market has acted with the expected or correct efficiency and agility. That absence of a player or an extra suit, which was not expected at all, can change the direction of a game and, consequently, the values ​​of a bookmaker, for example.
When you decide to place a bet, some mix of possibilities will happen next. If the line moved in your favor it is something positive to consider, since it will be making gains. If it took the opposite path, it is because the market is having another reading of the event, requiring you to rethink your assessment, because at that moment it is experiencing a loss. As well as the possibility that the values ​​may remain stable, there is a division of analysis and money for both sides, making their assessment only irrelevant.
In addition to finding, it is necessary to know how to measure the closing line. We will assume that you have taken an odd of 2.00 and on the closing line it has an odd of 1.89. Basically you can say that there were gains of 0.11 ticks in this movement. If you want to measure in the form of probability, the original odd represents half the chances of winning (50%), while in the closing line it increased to almost 53%. Or measure as expected value, in the case of the example above it would be these almost 3% difference in increase, which would represent an expected value of 6% (3% / 50%).
Although all these analyzes do not represent a certain recipe for success, it teaches us not to focus only on the result of the event, but on the values ​​and its closing line, so that your possibility of gains is through the most professional methods possible.

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