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Betano closes sponsorship with Campeonato Carioca 2021

Betano closes sponsorship with Campeonato Carioca 2021
The European bookmaker, Betano, closed sponsorship with the 2021 Carioca Championship; know more.
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After Flamengo beat Nova Iguaçu 1-0 at the opening of the Guanabara Cup, in Maracanã, the presence of the Betano bookmaker could be observed. After the European house, Betano, closed sponsorship with the Campeonato Carioca 2021, the company's brand could be seen on the posters inside the Maracanã stadium. According to information, the sponsorship was made through an exclusive agreement for the Campeonato Carioca, which currently represents the second partnership with Brazilian football. In addition to this sponsorship, Betano has a master agreement with Atlético Mineiro.

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In a sentence, the CMO of Betano, Panos Konstantopoulos, stated that: "For now, we will be present only in Carioca, but where we find opportunities, we will go after them". The presence of the brand could be seen in the advertising posters that were behind both goalkeepers. Furthermore, the brand Betano was also present in the LEDs around the stadium, including in the field. Therefore, the bookmaker obtained the exclusive right to sponsor the competition until the end of the tournament. In detail, Betano acquired the following forms of advertising:
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The form of advertising was explained by the CMO, who said: "We chose the Carioca Championship due to a combination of benefits, clubs, price and the reach of a larger audience". It is worth mentioning that the master contract with Atlético Mineiro was Betano's first entry into Brazilian football. With the Carioca Championship, Panos said: "This is the 2nd change of our brand in Brazil and it will depend on the opportunities ... We came to stay and invest in Brazil".
In addition to Brazil, Kaizen Gaming's European bookmaker is also set in Portugal, Germany, Romania, Greece and Cyprus. In fact, Betano also has agreements with teams from Europe: SC Braga and CS Marítimo.
Closing a year within the Brazilian sports betting market, Betano presents great market variations, such as; SuperOdds, Bet Mentor and Missions. SuperOdds are odds with a 0% margin. Bet Mentor, on the other hand, allows multiple bets. Meanwhile, Missions are weekly challenges for its users.

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