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The end of football betting fraud in Spain

The end of football betting fraud in Spain
Through a partnership, entities aim for the football betting frauds in Spain.
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In order to end fraud in football betting in Spain, or at least reduce it considerably, the Football Association of Spain (AFE), has entered into a partnership with the Directorate for Game Regulation (DGOJ), an organ of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

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The purpose of this agreement is to prevent illegal behavior in anything that involves illegal games and fraud in football betting. The two entities reached an agreement and according to them, the corruption linked to the manipulation of sports results and the fraud in the bets are irregularities that end up compromising the essential values ​​of the sport, which can alienate players and fans.
Thus, through this new partnership between DGOJ and AFE, there will be a new communication channel, aiming to pass on activities of an informative and educational nature, in a joint action of the two companies.
In addition, the list proposed among the participants in the partnership includes: holding seminars, information materials and promoting awareness campaigns on the media and social networks. In addition, the intention is to do the same in the clubs' changing rooms, with the purpose of covering players and technical commissions. Thus, those involved seek an end to fraud in football betting in Spain.

Meet AFE

AFE was founded on January 23, 1978, with its headquarters located in Madrid now-a-days. The organization's president is Daviz Aganzo, with Sergio Busquets, Barcelona player, as deputy.
AFE is an association of the group of football players in Spain, where, with unity, the entity aims to develop careers in sport and job promotion, also focusing on labor, economic, educational, social, present and future rights.
One of the main aims of AFE is to transmit real sporting values ​​to its members and in Spanish society. That's because they are aware that La Liga is one of the main and most competitive football leagues in the world.
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